Cosmetic equipment
Improve a quality and standarts
in your salon or clinic
Keypad for arming and disarming the alarm system
A panic button will help you discreetly call an emergency response team
A control panel collects information from all sensors and sends it to the monitoring station
Motion sensors installed around the property will help control movement in the protected area
Contact sensors mounted on windows and doors will control entry to the property
Mobile app for remote control of the security system
Its easy to start:
Rent from 3 days
Do you want to test a system in your place first with your clients? We can arrange this possibility
Buy and make income
It always good first to rent and test the device - but of course to improve your income - is better to have your own.
Training and Support
It is very important to have a practical part and support from our team. Working with new device is always scary without an experience. Our company will make sure - you can work free and secure.
How the system works
Selecting devices and negotiating terms
Our manager will advise you, prepare a price quote, and select the nearest rapid response team to your place.
Installation and contract signing
A supervisor will install the system at your convenience, show you how to use it, and you will sign the contract.
Training and support
Our trainer will train you in our or your location. This is including in a price.
Make your income
From the day you start you will make an income
Flexible and easy to choose
It's free
Develop your business with most popular devices
Client testimonials
Get a quote for your device
The final price is calculated according to the selected features
Additional features:
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