Gentle Laser Treatments for Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common issue that affects millions of people worldwide. There is a range of treatments available, and one of the most promising and non-invasive options is laser hair growth stimulation. This technique utilizes the Er:YAG laser with a wavelength of 2940nm, which has been clinically proven to be effective for all skin and hair types.

Laser for hair loss
Laser produces a photothermal reaction. This reaction is crucial for two main reasons:

  1. Direct Stimulation of Hair Roots: The laser light penetrates the scalp and directly stimulates the hair roots. This stimulation can help to reactivate dormant hair follicles and promote the growth of new hairs.
  2. Increased Blood Flow: The photothermal reaction also leads to an increase in blood flow to the hair follicles. With improved circulation, the follicles receive more nutrients and oxygen, which further supports hair growth, thickening, and increased density.

What to Expect from laser?

The results vary from person to person, but the treated area is expected to have a better result with a new hair growth, increase density, thickening in the first few months after your treatment.

In completely bald area may not work from this procedure.

Laser for hair loss

Laser Er:YAG 2940nm which will produce photothermal reaction to stimulate hair root directly and increase blood flow to the hair follicles. These will promote hair growth, thickening and increase density.

  1. effective
  2. non invasive
  3. minimal downtime
  4. clinically proven to be suited to all skin and hair types

Laser Hair Restoration procedure:

The procedure will take up to 30-45 minutes

We recommend 5 treatments in 2-3 weeks intervals.

Some little discomfort, may feel warm, itchy and the scalp in the area may become flaky but these symptoms will fade away in a few days

Some pinkish scalp immediately following procedure, which is normal

Post laser care

No shampooing 24 hours after procedure

Avoid sun exposure

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