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Icoone Treatments

Icoone offers a combination of different face and body care programs, customisable to meet the needs of men and women of all ages.


This targeted treatment visibly reduces the onset of unsightly orange peel skin. icoone® helps to smooth the skin, improving drainage and blood circulation, and restoring a harmonious body shape.
This treatment promotes tissue oxygenation and skin regeneration. It smooths out wrinkles, granting visibly younger looking skin.

Anti aging

Silhouette remodelling
This targeted treatment visibly reduces the onset of unsightly orange peel skin. icoone® helps to smooth the skin, improving drainage and blood circulation, and restoring a harmonious body shape.
This treatment uses cell stimulation to promote the production of collagen and elastin, leaving the skin instantly firmer and the body slender and toned. The treatment is particularly suitable for toning the skin following weight loss.

Tissue firming

Face and breast lifting

Designed to oxygenate and revitalise the skin, this treatment reduces fat under the chin and eye swelling, while also fleshing out the lips, smoothing the neckline, firming the neck and remodelling the breasts.
It is the ideal choice to refresh your appearance and look radiant without resorting to surgery.
Designed to stimulate lymphatic and blood circulation, this treatment helps to tone and reshape the legs, granting an instant feeling of lightness and wellbeing.

Lighter legs

Icoon Beauty Results



This treatment performs a draining effect, thereby improving the quality and elasticity of the skin around all the main types of scars: inflamed, non-inflamed, old, surgical or traumatic (e.g. Caesarean section), acne with a keloid tendency, hypertrophic. Precise, painless scar tissue mobilisation is suitable for all areas of the face and body, no matter how small.
Drainage of the area surrounding burns reduces inflammation. The result is improved skin elasticity in all types of burns.


Before and after surgery

Before: drains and softens skin tissue, preparing the skin for surgical procedures and facilitating the work of the doctor.
After: accelerates the tissue healing and recovery process, for improved results and effective pain relief.

Before: drains and softens skin tissue, facilitating surgical procedures.
After: contributes to rapid tissue recovery, avoiding irregular skin post-liposuction

Support with liposuction

Rehabilitation after breast cancer

Microstimulation improves skin elasticity and suppleness and reduces welling, with aesthetic and functional results.
The icoone treatment improves microcirculation, activating metabolic exchange and cell tropism. It regenerates the quality, elasticity and firmness of the skin, while also performing an anti-swelling action. Moreover, especially in combination with LEDs and LASER, it acts intensely on fat cells, with positive results even in the most difficult cases.


Venous insufficiency and lymphedema

Designed to improve blood and lymphatic circulation and to promote tissue oxygenation, this treatment provides instant and lasting-lasting relief, reducing aesthetic and functional recovery times.
During*: drainage and improved microcirculation reduces fluid retention, making for lighter legs and preventing the onset of skin flaws (e.g. capillaries, cellulite, etc.).
After: recovered skin tone and elasticity; drainage; improved lymphatic and venous function.
*icoone® may be used after the third month of pregnancy, avoiding application on the abdomen.


Tendon inflammation

This anti-inflammatory, decongestant treatment helps to relieve pain. Quality of life and motor activity improve after the first treatment.

This treatment relieves muscle tension, also caused by diseases such as fibromyalgia, and alleviates tissue congestion.

Muscle pain

Icoon Medical Results


Remodelling action

These protocols are designed for those seeking to remodel and redefine their body in a natural way, through the mechanisation of liquids and fat tissue. The combination of internal and external stimulation achieves optimal results.

This treatment instantly boosts tissue oxygenation, improving microcirculation and promoting the elimination of metabolic waste and liquids.



This treatment defines muscles and body shape, improving motor flexibility and granting smooth skin with no stretch marks.

Increased coordination and biodynamic stimulation promote the complete wellbeing of both body and mind, resulting in harmony of shape, body control, and body-mind balance.


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